ShowMeYourPix FAQs

What is this and what is it used for?

This is a free image hosting service. You may upload your photos or images to this site and we will store them online and give you a URL where you can access it, share it with friends, and post it on forums. Yes, it is 100% FREE to use... but abuse it... and lose it.

This service is, however, not meant to host all your images for your website. It is meant for those people without websites or don't have their own web space to share their photos or images. If you use our service to host many images on an active website, we will delete them and possibly ban you from this site.

Please read our rules before uploading anything.

Is registration required?

Yes, we do require you to first register to use our service. It's 100% free for you to use, however, we do require a valid email to verify you.

What types of images formats do you support?

You can upload gif, jpg, and png images. Your images should have the correct extensions, and the filenames should not include spaces or any invalid characters.

What is the maximum filesize?

The maximum file size is 512 KB per image.

How much space do I get?

We give you 10 MB of storage space and allow 100 MB of bandwidth each month.

How long will you host my image?

We keep images online at least 60 days. Sometimes we delete old images less often, but if you should need to share an image longer, just upload it again.

What kinds of images will you host? We'll host any image you have the legal rights to use, except for adult or pornographic images. Anything illegal in nature, or an image you don't have rights to, will be deleted and your IP address may be turned over to the authorities.

What can I do to help?

Tell your friends and family about this site! Or, please see our support page for other ways to help keep this site alive.

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